ISAP2012 hosts three categories of awards for the outstanding papers.

Best Paper Award: For all submitted papers.
Poster Presentation Award: For papers presented in the poster session.
Student Paper Contest (SPC): For papers written by students.

ISAP2012 features "Best Paper Awards" to award authors with excellent paper submission. Winners of the award are selected based on the evaluation of the submitted papers.

"Poster Presentation Awards" are selected from papers presented in the poster sessions by attendees' vote.

"Student Paper Contest Finalists" are selected from student authors. The finalists are notified at the notification of the acceptance of the papers.
The finalists are requested to register themselves to ISAP2012 as the early registration. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the finalists. An applicant to SPC must be a student at the submission of the paper and a primary author of the paper.
The SPC finalists are requested to show their valid documents to verify that they are students. The finalists must present their papers at a special SPC session in addition to regular presentations.
The final SPC winners are selected from the finalists by ISAP2012 SPC Selection Board.

The winners of the awards are announced at the conference banquet.